Making clinical research easier for everyone to participate in

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Our mission at Skyelarke is to break down barriers preventing Clinical Trial participation. That’s why we’re joining an industry initiative to urge U.S. Members of Congress to develop and pass legislation to eliminate taxes on payments made to patients and caregivers.

Unintended Tax Obstacles

Existing U.S. tax rules, unintentionally, prevent more than 90 million Americans from participating in clinical trials (~27% of the U.S. population). Many of these people represent communities that are grossly underrepresented in clinical research. Payments made to participants are considered income and must be reported to the IRS, which threatens to disqualify patients from receiving critical benefits from a social welfare program like Medicaid, SNAP or others. This prevents low-income participants from enrolling in or completing a trial.

Participants volunteer their time and money to participate in clinical research. We as a community of Vendors, Sponsors, CROs, Sites and more can rally behind an effort that will greatly impact those who need us to support them in whatever health challenges they face.

Read the letter to Congress below:


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