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SkyePay by Skyelarke 

Our flagship product, SkyePay, is the patient payment system you’ve been waiting for.

A revolution in rapid, automated clinical research technology with seamless integration and transparent reporting that’s so easy and intuitive it requires almost no training at all.

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Why Skyelarke?

With decades of experience working with sites and patients at every stage of the clinical trial journey, our team understands the complex needs of the clinical research industry.

We’re on a mission to level up clinical research through innovative technology built to meet your needs and your patients’.

SkyePay by Skyelarke is a patient-focused payment system that is:


  • Is simple to use
  • Is easy to implement
  • Minimizes errors


  • Makes payments fast
  • Enables rapid online client approvals
  • Provides dashboard based insights


  • Provides real time payment statuses
  • Is built with privacy by design
  • Has no hidden fees

SkyePay will save you time and money so you can focus on getting the best possible trial outcomes.

Built by and for the clinical research industry

Financial challenges are one of the biggest barriers to patient participation in clinical trials. Complex payment and reimbursement processes also create a significant administrative burden on sites while offering limited transparency to sponsors. 

SkyePay makes life better for everyone involved in a clinical trial. 

Who we benefit…


With 71% of clinical trials extending recruitment time and 30% of patients reporting financial concerns as a barrier to participation, you need a patient-focused payment system that understands the needs of sites and patients.


We understand the frustrations sites experience, which is why SkyePay has been designed and developed with you in mind. A fully comprehensive, simple-to-use system built by and for the clinical research industry.


30% of patients say financial concerns prevent them from participating in clinical trials. This should never be the case. SkyePay is built patient-first, removing barriers to participation by taking away the financial burden.

Rapid reimbursements also improve patient retention and engagement.


SkyePay is the simplest, most comprehensive and affordable system for patient payments, designed to boost the success of clinical trials. Both your sites and patients will love it, creating better clinical outcomes.

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