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The patient payment sector needs an upgrade

SkyePay by Skyelarke is the simplest, most comprehensive system for clinical trial payments. 

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A patient payment system that is:

Simple to use

Quick & Efficient

Secure & Compliant

Eliminating the financial burden of clinical trials

30% of patients report financial concerns as a barrier to participation, SkyePay eliminates the financial burden of clinical trials on everyone involved.

Financial management, administrative burden, and transparency over payments are issues getting in the way of trial efficiency.

Getting your patient payments right improves recruitment, engagement and retention, saving you time and money.

SkyePay, a step forward in patient payments

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Who we benefit…

Sponsors and CROs

You’re already busy maintaining regulator and ethical compliance, as well ensuring data accuracy, and coping with understaffed and over burdened sites on top of managing budgets.

You need a patient-focused payment system that understands the needs of sites and patients and the multiple moving parts of a clinical trial:


We understand the frustrations sites experience.

You are under-resourced and over burdened, with processes and systems that distract you from caring for patients. Your site teams are burdened by complex study protocols and strict regulations, while suffering from squeezed funding.

SkyePay has been designed and developed with you in mind. A fully comprehensive, simple-to-use system built by and for the clinical research industry:


SkyePay was built patient-first, removing barriers to participation by taking away the financial burden.