Built by and for the clinical research industry

The Skyelarke platform has been built to meet the growing needs of the clinical research industry. With decades of experience across all areas of life sciences, our team understand your challenges.

Clunky, inefficient and difficult-to-use systems are the norm in clinical research, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we built a smart and intuitive platform to turn your biggest frustrations into easy-to-accomplish tasks. We’ve dedicated countless hours designing our platform, so you only need to spend minutes using it!

It’s about time.

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A revolution in clinical research technology:

Exceptional User Experience for all stakeholders

Built with security and compliance at its heart

Cloud-based technology with simple integration

The platform that gets you

We’re on a mission to break down barriers to participation and make clinical trials accessible to all.

Starting with Patient Payments, SkyePay by Skyelarke is the first product to launch on the Skyelarke platform.

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