Designed for Patients

Eliminating financial barriers to clinical trial participation

A patient payment technology that puts the patient’s needs at the heart of clinical trials.

SkyePay by Skyelarke has been designed with the patient in mind, removing financial barriers to participation with flexible payment options, stipends and fast reimbursements. 

Bank transfers, physical/virtual cards, PayPal and Venmo can be selected for each and every visit.

SkyePay makes clinical trials accessible to everyone.

Patient sitting up in bed looking happy with doctor and nurse in background

We understand the challenges patients face:

Up to 40% of patients drop out
of clinical trials 

Average trial extends recruitment by 71%

30% of patients report financial concerns as a barrier to participation

Key benefits of SkyePay for patients

SkyePay was built patient-first, removing barriers to participation by taking away the financial burden.

Payments are immediate

Stipends and travel expenses can easily be added

No need for upfront expenses

Payment onto cash cards or direct to bank accounts