Here are answers to all the frequently asked questions about our patient payment system SkyePay.

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Project Support

What support do I have during my project?

  • A dedicated support team
  • An assigned project manager for the duration of your study
  • Phone & email support, all logged in a ticketing system
What are your hours for support?
  • We have support staff located in both the US and UK
  • Our support hours for the UK are 9am – 10:30pm GMT
  • Our support hours for the US are 4am – 5:30pm EST
Do you offer support in any language?<
  • At the moment, we only offer support in English

Platform Features

What payments does SkyePay support?

  • We support Stipend, expense and drive payments.

Can SkyePay process batch payments?

  • Yes, we have automated batch payment processing.

Can I customise payments?

  • Yes, we have configurable milestones, expense categories and payment thresholds.

What reports can I see?

  • We have live reporting, so you can easily view all the information important to you in real-time. You can see reports on:
    • Study balances
    • Payments made
    • Void payments
    • Users

    Reports can be quickly downloaded in excel or csv.

Do you have 1099 tax reporting (US)? 
  • Yes, we have 1099 reporting for US patients, sites can easily see which participants will require a 1099 form.
How do sites access?
  • Sites can access through the site portal. Here they can select a study, view, edit/add participants, make payments or input expenses, view reports, and request support.
How do clients access?
  • Clients can access through the client portal, where they can approve payments and view reports.
What payment approval options are there for clients?
  • We have flexible payment approvals within the client portal:
    • Full or partial approval of expenses
    • Review receipts
    • Decline expenses

Payment Features

Can I configure payments?

Yes, you can configure payments for:

  • Stipends
  • Expenses, including drive
  • Create multiple expense types and categories
  • Diary entry or trigger payments

What patient payment methods are available?

Patients can be paid via:

  • Physical or Virtual cards*
  • Direct Deposit / Bank Transfer (incl. faster payments)*
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Wallet

What currencies do your cards support?

  • USD
  • EURO
  • GBP


Can patients choose how they get paid?

  • Yes, patients can choose how they want to be paid after each visit from any of the options above.

Can the payment method be changed for each patient visit?

  • Yes, before each payment you can chose any of the payment methods. Providing flexibility throughout the trial.

Can a patient be paid to a nominated payee? 

  • Yes, each patient can have multiple payees associated with them, who can receive payment or reimbursement. This is useful for caregivers or parents/guardians.

How fast do payments process?

  • All of the payment options aside from bank transfer have real time processing.

How fast do bank transfers take?

  • This can depends on location, but within the UK it is typically same day and elsewhere 2-3 working days, depending on the Bank networks.

API & Integration

What is SkyePay’s API Integration?

  • Internal API – to make payments, register cardholders etc
  • External, seamless integration with other clinical trial systems (CTMS)

Compliance, Privacy & Security

Are you GDPR compliant?

  • Yes, we comply with GDPR.

Do you comply to MR001 regulation in France?

  • Yes, there is no conflict, we have compliant services.

Where is data stored?

  • We have regional data storage – US, EU-IRL,
    EU-France, APAC.

How secure is SkyePay?

  • Secure, multi-factor authentication login
  • Security penetration tested every 12 months
  • Annual Privacy and Cyber Security training program
  • Secure SDLC
  • Cybersecurity plus certified