Revolutionizing patient payments in clinical trials

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SkyePay by Skyelarke has been built by and for the clinical research industry.

Clunky, inefficient and difficult-to-use systems are the norm in clinical research, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With decades of experience across all areas of life sciences, our team understands your challenges and has used technology to revolutionize the industry, turning your biggest frustrations into opportunities to create clinical trial excellence. 

Clinical trials need an upgrade and SkyePay delivers.

A highly intuitive, comprehensive and affordable system for automated patient payments, SkyePay eliminates patients’ financial frustrations and releases sites and sponsors from the burden of complex payment approval processes and difficult-to-use systems.  

Fully customizable and, streamlined to meet the unique needs of your study, SkyePay offers configurable, accurate and timely patient payments so sponsors and CROs can gain better insight into patient payments, sites are saved the headache of having to administer payments, and patients are spared the financial challenges of participating, helping to keep them engaged and retained for the duration of your clinical trial.

Our team is also always on-hand to personally answer all your questions and provide the best assistance at a time that works for you. Although, with a system so comprehensive and simple to use, we doubt you’ll even need us. 

For sponsors and CROs:

Up to 40% of patients drop out of clinical trials. We know the industry can do better..

For sponsors and CROs SkyePay delivers:

  • A site-focused payment system which is fast, simple to use, and easy to implement
  • Fast approval processes, reducing payment administration
  • Detailed transactional reporting for reconciliation purposes
  • Privacy by design with data stored according to study country regulations

For sites:

We understand the frustrations that complex payment systems can create for sites; you need an easy-to-use, efficient, and effective system that adheres to complex study protocols and robust expense policies.

SkyePay solves your patient payment problems, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

For sites SkyePay delivers:

  • A training-free solution
  • Integrated receipt management (i.e. quick and straightforward photo upload or scans of receipts)
  • Quick Sponsor / CRO approvals within the system
  • Simple registration with pre-configured study visits
  • Transparent reporting

For patients:

30% of patients say finances prevent them from participating in clinical trials. This should never be the case. SkyePay removes this barrier to participation by taking away financial burden.  

Faster payments and reimbursements encourage patients to remain engaged, increasing trial retention.

For patients, SkyePay delivers:

  • Immediate payments
  • Flexible payment options, either onto cash cards or virtual cards, or paid directly into bank accounts


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Skyelarke is the most intuitive, comprehensive and affordable system for automated patient payments.